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Terms & Conditions: Wilmington Airport Taxis & Car Services:

  • We accept all types of Credit Cards & PayPal. Wilmington Airport Taxis & Car Services (DBA) is incorporated by Logan Airport Car, Inc
  • " LOGAN AIRPORT CAR, INC will be appear on Credit Card / PayPal Billing Statement.
  • Service Hours of Operation: We provide 24/7 Airport Transportation -Except State of Emergency.
  • Payment Options:PayPal or Credit Card. An options of payment type must be required to complete online booking. All PayPal payment goes under the corporate email name (loganairportcarservice@gmail.com).
  • Luggage Restriction: There are maximum luggage restrictions depending on the vehicle Capacity. Please check your vehicle luggage capacity from the fleet/Fare Quote page. Any additional Luggage may cost each $3.00 – Please clarify the Luggage amount while booking.
  • Change: Change/Modify/Cancellation is free of cost before 4 (Four) hours of actually scheduled pickup. Please simply email to: info@wilmingtonairporttaxis.com for the change or Cancel Request.
  • Refund: Any refund which is Paid by PayPal/Credit Card will be processed within 24 (Twenty Four) hours
  • No-Show: : In case of passenger no-show. A no-show (full fare) will occurred, no refund will be allowed. Passenger must contact us – or- email for reschedule/change/cancel an existing reservation 4 (Four) hours hours before scheduled pickup.
  • Cancellation: Cancellation before 4 (Four) hours - will be refunded in full. Less than 4 (Four) hours a refund will not be allowed.
  • Reservation: (DAY) From 8:00 A.M - 8:00 P.M. Online Reservation Required at least 4 (Four) hours advance to schedule a Car.(NIGHT) From 8:00 PM - 8:00 AM required minimum 8 (Eight) hours for online reservation.Need Urgent Booking, Please Call us (978) 253-4090.
  • Tolls/Fees: All Tolls & Charges are Included in fare as per Massachusetts Transportation Authority.
  • State Emergency: In case of State Emergency or snow Storms or heavy snowfall, we might have to cancel the service, we will contact passenger before cancellation. Canceled for Natural Causes, Change/Refund can be requested/Issued.
  • To Airport Pick-up: Waiting Time: All Pick-up to the Airport - Driver will wait up to 15 (Fifteen) minutes. Please contact driver, if you need more time. Please contact driver, if you need more time or No-Show may occurred.
  • From Airport Pick-up: Waiting Time: All Pickup-from the airport - Driver will wait up to 1 (One) hour from the actual flight arrival/landing time. If you need more than 1 (ONE) hours - Please contact driver, if you need more time or No-Show may occurred.
  • Waiting Charges: Waiting charge is $1.00 per minutes.

If You Have Any Questions? Please Contact: (978) 253-4090.

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